GCV Executive Committee



Daniel Nancarrow is the President of Golf Central Victoria District. He has been president since the amalgamation of BDGA and WGBD in 2014. 

Daniel has been involved in golf since he was old enough to pick up a stick and loves the game. Daniel workings in the sports industry working with the Bendigo Stadium in the sports department. Daniels experience in sport has made him a great asset to the district. Daniel Currently is a member of the Quarry Hill Golf and Axedale Golf Clubs and serves on the Bendigo Wheelchair Braves committee as Chair and the Bendigo Technical officials committee as secretary.

Daniel is a former member of the Bendigo Basketball Association board of directors and former treasurer. Daniel is keen to see the district share this great game with everyone and believes that we can once again lift the numbers of people playing our great game.

Vice President


Tristen Wearne is a long time member of the Heathcote golf club. Tristen has been a member of the GCV committee in Amalgamation and has been keen on growing the game for women and seeing new and improved options for golfers in the district. 



Denise Pappin is the new secretary of Golf Central Victoria in 2019. Denise is from the Campaspe Golf Club and has a long tradition of standing up for the sandgreen clubs in our district. Denise is a full loveing person who will often be seen around the district playing golf. 



Russell McGibbon is from the Axedale golf club and has a long connection with golf in the district.

District Lady Captain


Janine Miller has been a long term member of the GCV match committee and last year served on the GCV main committee this year Janie will have the scrupulous task of running all of the districts women's events and see that our members enjoy their golf.

District Mens Captain


This year we welcome of the first time a men's captain to the main committee. Mr Mark Perry a former Captain of the Belvior Park golf club come to us with a load of match experience. We welcome Mark to the executive and can't to see what ideas and plans Mark and the new Men's match committee will come up with in the new year.



Phil DeAurago is welcomed to the main committee for the first time. Phil is a long time member of the Neangar Park Golf Club and is the current President. Phil brings a load of valuable experience to the committee with his many years involved as a member of the country week team Phil is keen to see the district  continue to grow the game and get more people playing this great sport.



Hayden Neilsen comes from a great golfing background at the Axedale golf club. A keen golfer and a member of the country week team for many years Hayden's views on golf could be considered different. This view is why, H as he is commonly referred to, has come on board the GCV main committee Like Phil, H is keen to see changes to golf to make it more popular with the community and to see golf grow. 

Vision 2025


Mrs Jenny Bilkey is stepping up to the role of vision 2025 officer for the GCV. Golf Australia in a effort to getting more women in the game have set a strategic direction names vision 2025. The role will include support for women new to the game but also for clubs how wish to do new things to get women involved. Jenny will work closely with her Daughter and fellow golfer Kristi to make sure that GCV hold firm to the ideals of vision 2025.